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    Ambitions that Kill !!

    So ….. a couple of hundred years back. There was this young beautiful Queen  and this young handsome prince who could barely lift a sword. But they fell in love ,and when they did,  the Queen desided to leave everything and run away with the handsome young prince. 

    What resulted from this was massive battle between the two kingdoms(off course the battle of TROY) in which many thouands perished for apprantly no reason or mistake of theirs.

    ( Yes consistently several hundred years later we also made a movie by the same name, in which we saw ‘Brad Pit’ running around in a skirt, Good movie! Yeah so a couple of hundred years late though, but something good came out of the battle in which thouands lost everything.)


    If u think that was wierd, then digest this. – Their was this other short guy, really short. He belonged to a tiny country  Corsica,  had huge ambitions, you know… like the ones where u want to rule the world. And following his ambitions is exactly what he did. 

    This Lad was Absolutely briliant. With in a span of 10 years he rose from a soldier to a general of the entire French Army. 

    This ‘short guy’  with huge ambitions marched over the Alps which by the way are 23 thousand feet high on an average along with his artillery guns and attacked Italy… Yes, off course he Won, the guy was simply brilliant, though a few thousand died. But He Won.  

    No, but his ambitions were not fulfilled. He marched into egypt. WON. Thouands died. He matched and captured Spain. Thousand died. He attacked Russian. Millions Died. He controlled  nearly the whole of europe. Ambition fulfilled?? Nope.  This brilliant short guy who was also grown  fat by now was finally caught and deported to a far off lonely island. He was old now. But were his ambitions ageing with him ?? Nope. He marched back into France. Millions followed him. And finally the agony. Each one of those ‘million’ died fighting for this little ambitious short brilliant man  we call Nepolean!!


    And off course we say that we learn form our mistakes and from history. But actually we don’t. Because just about 100 years later thousand and millions again perished when for some astounding  reason thousands followed Hitler to their end.

    So today we so called Social Animals whome i would call evolved intelligent beings remember Troy, but who remembers  the thousands who perished in that battle. We remember the briliant tactics and battle craft that Nepolean thought us, but who remembers the millions who perished making him a legend.

    I just thought of a name for us Humans. I’ll call us the “AUTO BEINGS” we r pre programed to follow!!  We think we are smart. But we are not. We like to follow. And when we follow we stop thinking rationally. And ironically  We still dont learn from history.
    Thousands followed in Vietnam. Thousands followed Osama.
    And today thousands are following ISIS.

    You need to wake up. You need to make choices. Because history is unforgiving. Because someones Ambition is going to be your doom!

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