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This ! The Truth About God 

How much does man believe,he knows. What is our limit of Knowledge. Man knows we live on planet EARTH. A part a galaxy we call Milky Way. Which in turn is  a part of a group of a cluster of galaxies.so on… BUT what beyond that ? What is the limit of our knowledge?  Is there something BEYOND WHICH WE JUST CANNOT   Know or Undersrand or perceive.  Yes Or No ??

So let me put it this way by taking a few simple examples.

EXAMPLE No 1 –   


Imagine ur an Ant.  A normal everyday ant.  What will be ur limit of knowledge? U don’t have to go to office. Remember numbers etc.  All u got to do is to gather food. That would be all  you care about. Wouldn’t it be?  All you would care about will  be within a half a km of your ant hill. That will be your world, your universe. Your whole existence.

You wouldn’t know, understand or perceive anything beyond it( ur an ant). The earth ! The planet !  Are much much beyond you, ITS THERE. BUT U’LL LIVE ALL YOUR EXISTANCE OBLIVIOUS TO THE FACT that something much more exists beyond not only imagination but beyond your ability to conceive. It doesn’t matter if you’re a very smart ant, or even if your the ‘Einstein of Ants’. These things-‘the planet the galaxies’will simply be beyond your perception.


 An Amoeba ( Single celled Organism) 

Imagine what would a horse mean to an Ameoba( A single celled organism) Nothing! A amoeba can never even understand a horse or perceive it. It can not see it or travel even 1* 10 /999999999… of its tail If it was out to explore. And even if the amoeba could move at the speed of light it could never understand that a horse has legs and repairatory system and skin etc.? Even if  the horse wanted to communicate with the amoeba…. the amoeba couldn’t even possibly understand the horse. Yet the horse exists. And so does much more.


NOW coming back to us. Man!  We want to believe we know it all. We push ourself to understand. That’s a good thing. But we got to understand that there are things (?) beyond what we can understand or perceive. We are not at the Center of the Universe. There are things  much much beyond us too!

And the funny part is – Any thing we can’t explain, we give it two names – Either God or a Ghost. 

The ‘G’ word for man is a perfect way to address an Anomaly. Just as a mathematician or a physicists would address such anomaly in his equation as a paradox and move ahead (Just as Einstein left quantum Machanics out of his equations. He was smart! He knew there is no point bumping your head against few thing where u know ur not getting at anywhere.)  We use God /Ghost to address all we don’t know or Don’t/ can’t know or are too afraid to ponder.

And very conveniently we assume that God would look just like us!!  Human form… b’cuz we r so superior to everything!!!  Not realising that there is much we don’t understand/ Know.

So what is the truth ? 

The truth is that our understanding of everything is as per our conception and as per our believes and our thought process.

To know the truth  we first need to ask the right Questions

Q: How did the universe start ?  This very question is influenced by our from of life and thought process. We grow in a system where things live and die!  And so we ask questions and want answers in the same form as well. To UNDERSTAND THE UNIVERSE We need to look at things from a view beyond our believe system. Why does the universe need to start or end ( starting and ending {life and death} is a very human/earthly concept). Why can’t things just be! Very difficult to digest?

Q. Where I’m I heading after death ? Is there a HEAVEN? 

You are pretty much in heaven already. You got to find happiness In what you do.  Everyday, every hour, every second of your life. Don’t wait for happiness at the end of the week or at New Years… birthdays or anniversaries or promotions or holidays. Celebrate your life everyday. Every second …

Even if your are pure energy , your realisation ends with you. Don’t wait for hapiness. Live it while you are alive.

The Logical Blogger.

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