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    The fog this winter is terrible due to intense winter setting in and a combination of pollutants In the air.

    The result is quite obvious- disaster waiting to happen. However you don’t have to worry anymore. All you need to do is to install this safety light behind your car or bike and you can rest assured that the rider behind you will definitely notice you, even in the thickest of the FOG.

    The link of the product is attached below.

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    FUNNY: What Advertisements on Television Actually teach us

    T.V Advertisements are not very logical if you carefully see what they’re trying to sell us and what they’re actually showing…! it can be very funny. Don’t believe me. Have a look at these-

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    Every person dreams to have that super sculpted body, bulging biceps and why not it looks great. If you do have this dream and you’re wondering that will I have to take lots and lots of protein powder. You are wrong, you don’t.

    Think about it logically. How did Arnold Schwarzenegger get those big muscles. He never ate protein powder. Protein powder was not even manufactured in those times . Let’s go couple of centuries back. what about the Greeks and Romans and the how did they get those beautiful structured muscles without protein powder.

    The underlying truth is very simple you do not need protein powder to grow muscles. What you need this discipline. What you need is to hit the gym and do the exercises right, the correct way in which they should be done and lots and lots dedication. Believe me when I say there is no shortcut to bodybuilding. You don’t need to spend 8 Grands a month almost a lakh plus a year on protien powder. You just need to spend more time in the gym and thereafter on your bed resting.

    These 4 steps will help you determine your workout routine and at what level you need to stage it.

    However there is no denying that we do need protein supplements along with our regular diet which would help our muscles to grow.

    I will now tell you about a way to make home-made protein powder and some nice recipes so that you can have a drink to suit your pellet. Enjoy



    Your goal must be very clear. What is that you want ?

    – To be in shape.

    – To get ripped.

    – To build muscle mass.

    – To loose weight.

    All these four are poles apart. And believe me you don’t need protein for any of these.

    If you want to do professional body building. You will need to have the following schedule ( let me be blunt). SLEEP- EXERCISE -EAT – SLEEP -Repeat!

    Protein powders don’t figure anywhere.

    And alternatively if you just want to get into good shape with considerable core strength, you simply need to hit the gym regularly, do the right exercises with the right weight proportion and get your 7 hour of sleep daily in one go.


    I am slipping in this schedule, if you want to loose weight and to maintain a good amount of protein in your body to gain muscles aswell. You can choose from Veg/ nonveg food products as well(Shown below) . Black coffee can be replaced by green tea!

    Here is a link to the dietitian’s page. If you want a personalized diet program for yourself. – Plan your Diet with your personal Dietitian

    And this 👆 is for all the non believers. If he can do it then so can you. And there is no protein for loosing weight.


    Best of luck.

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    1. Nothing looks more Awesome than a well tailored Suit.

    2. Go for women you perceived as “Out of your League”. Surprise yourself.

    3. Never take her for the movies on the first date.

    4. Always look a person in the eye when you talk to them.

    5. Never hit anyone unless they are a threat to you and others around you.

    6. While walking, look in front and never at your feet.

    7. Every hat/ cap you wear should serve a purpose.

    8. Exercise will make you happy. Run. Lift. Play sports.

    9. Brush your teeth, before you put on your tie.

    10. Minimum 15% of your salary should go into your savings every month.

    11. Call your parents twice a week.

    12. Never wear a clip on a tie.

    13. Give a firm handshake.

    14. Compliment her when you meet.

    15. Look confident. Even if you are not.

    16. You can tell a size of a man by the size of things that bother him.

    17. Be conscious of your body language.

    18. Always stand to shake someone’s hand.

    19. Hard times will judge your Character, not good times.

    20. The only reason to point a gun at someone is if you intend to shoot.

    21. Never lend anything you can’t afford to lose.

    22. Buy good quality tools. So you have to buy them only once.

    23. Manliness is not only taking care of yourself, but others as well.

    24. Go for the decision that will make for a good story.

    25. Nice guys don’t finish last, boring guys do.

    26. Find your passion and figure out how to get paid for it.

    27. Don’t let the little head do the thinking for the big head.

    28. No matter their job or social status, everyone deserves your respect.

    29. Never stop learning.

    30. Always go out into public well dressed like you are about to meet the love of your life.

    31. Never change yourself just to make someone happy. Unless that someone is you.

    32. Women find confidence sexy as hell.

    33. If you are the smartest person in the room. Your are in the wrong room.

    34. Luck favours the prepared.

    35. Do whatever you want to do in life but be the best at it.

    36. Stand up for what’s right. Give diplomacy a break.

    37. Drinking and smoking doesn’t make you look manly. Controling yourself does.

    38. No one on their death bed wished that they spend more time in office. Enjoy life.

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    Now, if you are an Alien and you are having trouble adjusting on Earth. The customs, signs, the physics and the logic of everything troubling you.

    DON'T worry no more. This guide will give you all the information you need to survive on Earth… and master it while you are at it ( You must be darn smart if you made it here in the first place…) Enjoy

    1. Now if you have landed on Earth and you can't figure out which century is it . Simple, just check out the way people are sleeping and you'll pretty much figure out the exact century you landed in !!

    2. Yes there are Signs all over this planet. We are 'sign people' and are quite lazy. We pretty much have Signs for everything. Why speak when Signs can do that for you!!

    3. We had our share of Smart people. Those who got us out of the stone age into the Bomb Age ! You Aliens should be smart. Shouldn't take you long to figure all this out. Don't feel shy to add a few of your own.

    4. And ofcourse how can we not mention Einstein. (Ein in the beginning , Ein in the end. St in the middle, tell me the riddle.) He gave us relativity. Took him 10 years to figure it out, we are still trying to.., 100 years and counting!!

    5. You want to blend in? Well then you got to know exactly what to ask to wear, Don't you. After all there is a fine difference between a Oxford and a Wing Tip .

    6. Yes this is what we did all these centuries and era after an era . We are in the computer age now. Living two lifes now- the real one and the cyber one. If you want to enjoy Earth, stay away from the cyber one. Cyber /mobile/internet addiction is a greater villain than the Dark Raider !!

    7. Here are some basic tips to help you out of tight corners! You know, when your space ship wouldn't start. Or when you will need to calculate the exact path across Neptune!

    7. This is ofcourse the most complicated disease on planet Earth. It has resulted in numerous murders and mass scale killings across the planet , over the ages. No one is spared by it. Humans catch this disease immediately after they are born. This disease causes immense hatred amongst humans to the point that they are willing to kill each other.

    This Disease Is Called – RELIGION !!

    Hilariously humans who are born EXACTLY SIMILAR are divided in the basis of cast and RELIGION when they are born. They are then indoctrinated through out their life preaching that Thier RELIGION is the best! Humans actually believe this very seriously !!

    The true purpose behind RELIGION is ofcourse- Power, money and controled Chaos. But no one speaks about that.

    8. Here is an other secret- Not only do the species of planet Earth communicate though speech and sound but we also communicate through expressions and emotions. You'll catch up, don't worry.

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    You would have seen many world war pictures before. But here I present certain assorted WW2 pictures from a very different angle. The war which no one saw…

    A German Panther Tank falls into a pit as a bridge under it collapses. The Germans moved with such speed and ferocity often with minimal reconnaissance.

    24 May 1941 Battlecruiser HMS Hood sunk by the dealdy German U-boats ( Submarines)

    A highly spirited Indian Soldier shows a victory sign before he leaves his mother land and heads for battle. More than 80% of the men who left for battle never returned.

    The Dutch bicycle troops during the battle of Netherlands.

    A tired & frustrated soldier from the Dutsche Africa Korps as he balances on two M 24 Steilhand grenades in North Africa.

    Soviet Snipers. Both are sergeants and are brothers. Soviets and Germans recruited young children in the Army to defend their lands at all costs.

    A young German boy soldier (Hitlerjugend) being decorated by a German officer.

    A soldier desperately reloads his rifle which needs to be reloaded after every five round. He puts the magazine in his mouth as he clears his rifle.

    Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lee Wolverton 101 Airborne and 1st Lieutenant Alex Bobuck.before they leave for ops behind enemy lines.

    13 Apr 1945, Op Awakening. A young Soviet boy poses with his sten gun as the Soviets clear Vienna,Austria.

    A Russian soldier fires a Flare to indicated his location to reinforcements as they lie wounded after a gruesome battle.

    An Indian Sikh Fighter piolet from the Royal British Air Force before he is about to take off. His name 'Amrit' is painted on his plane. Approximately 2.5 million Indians fought for the British in the World War II.

    A trooper fights biting cold and the enemy in a snow clad warzone.

    4 Apr 1945 A tank man from US 10th Army has unexpected guest on his Tank.

    Indian troops Enjoy a light moment with other soldiers after a rescue op in Northern Africa.

    An M4A3 Sherman from the 9 Armd div makes way though a Quagmire againts all ods to reach its objective.

    Okinava. A soilder braces himself under enemy artillery fire which use to shake the whole earth around.

    A frozen Soviet tank man feeds his extra rations to inquisitive grizzly bears.

    Marine Private 1st class Raymond L. Herbert finds time as he sits on a 16" Artillery shell to inspect his shoes after days of uninterrupted fighting in Italy.

    A German Intelligence Officer. The spy game was intensively used by both,the
    Allies and the allied forces.

    Elizabeth Remba Gardner. From Women's Air Force. Rockford,illinois.

    13 Feb 1940 Soviets break through Finnish defences.

    A young Ethiopian boy holding a 303, to defend his motherland.

    Captured German POWs (prisoners of war) inspected by guards deliberately.

    A Lady celebrates by presenting a Garland to an Indian soldier after the liberation of Italy.

    Probably the most dramatic pic of WW II. A Jewish man smiles at his suicide squad. No words can describe this picture.

    War….There is nothing glorious about War. Irrespective of whether you are on the winning or losing side, eventually…. U loose

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