Wei Hai (3000BC)

Sun Tzu invented the lst Wargame Wei Hai. Wei Hai means ‘encirclement. It was somewhat similar to Japanese game of Go. It used an abstract playing surface on which contestants maneuvered their armies of coloured stones. Victory went to player who out-flanked his opponent

Chaturanga (6 AD)

Indian strategy wargame developed during the Gupta Empire. It was adopted as shatranj in Persia. Chaturanga means “having four limbs or parts”. The name comes from four divisions of an army mentioned in Mahabharata i.e. – Elephants, Chariots, Cavalry & Infantry.

King’s Game or Koenigspiel (1664)

Invented by Christopher Weikhmann it was based on Chess, but had larger board and each player had 30 pieces each. It was also called ‘Military Chess’ or ‘ War Chess’. It was light on technical military content and heavy on period colour

Evolution from Chess to Wargame(1797)

Georg Venturini designed a Wargame of 3600 squares & published it as ‘Rules for a New Wargame for the use of Military Schools’. A 60 page book, It represented a bal view of all armies need for Logistic and combat elements

The Three Fundamental Concepts of Wargaming. (1780)

Kriegsspiel (1824)

Lt Reisswitz of Perssia designed Kriegsspiel. It introduced topo maps of scale 1:8000. It quantified effects of combat leading to results of engagements being calculated. It intro Gen & Special Ideas for the lst time. Each side had 26 Battalions. 40 Sqns & 12 Btys


Tin Soldier (1951)

George Gamow, created a manual game called Tin Soldier, (played from 1951 to 1954.) Gamow is credited with devising the first mathematical war game used for analytical as opposed to tactical operations research.

Navy Electronic Warfare Simulator -NEWS (1955)


Intelligence Division Gaming Operation INDICO made TACSPIEL. TACSPIEL was a flexible, two-sided, free-play, manually operated, rigidly assessed, computer-assisted, division-level war game.- It used Punched Cards and was oriented towards problems of grnd combat such as “mobility , fire-power, comns, lgs, comb, svl and tgt acqn means, and air attk and def.

Air Battle Model 1 – ABM (1960)


A two-sided. one-map game with 3 major parts: The first Digital Computer Game. There were a series of CARMONETTE games.

CARMONETTE I – A single tank/anti-tank battle.

CARMONETTE ll – Infantry, CARMONETTE lll -Armed blelicopter Support.

CARMONETTE IV – Communications & Night

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