1. An average man consumes 35 tons of food in his life time.

2. A man drinks 30,000 gallons of water in his lifetime.

3. An average man sleeps for 9125 days in this life time ( considering if you sleeping eight hours a night)

4. A person grows 950 km of hair in this lifetime.

5. A person on planet Earth travels 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion kms) across the universe from the day is born till the day he dies.

6. An average person watches some 5000 movies in his lifetime

7. Your heart beats 80 times a minute, 4800 times in an hour, 1,15,200 times a day, 420,48,000 times a year and 3,363,840,000 (3 billion) times in your life time.

8. An average man spends 92 days in the toilet.

9. An average non- vegetarian eats approximately 7000 animals in his lifetime.

10. Men in any country drink 6.3 Billion gallons of beer in a year and spend 3 million or ₹ 40 lakh (38,41,850) in their lifetime on beer alone .

11. An average person has sex 5778 times in his life.

12. On an average we fall in love 6.5 times in our life and are dumped 5.5 times.

3.3 million people die worldwide due to alcohol

1.1 million due to HIV

1.3 million road accidents

1 lakh die on an average due to slipping in bathroom.

13. An average person spends about 3-5 hours a day on mobile phones.

14. As per a study in the top five universities in the world. Only 03 people out of about 1850 people are bold enough to do what they love. Out of these 03 people about 01 person succeeds. The remaining 1849 people live a repetitive robotic life.

If You’re reading this. You are Alive! Might as well LIVE while you are ALIVE !!


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